Adam “Ace” Moyer is the founder and CEO of Knockaround, a sunglasses company based in San Diego, California.  With $500 in savings, at the age of 23, Moyer started Knockaround while pursuing his graduate degree. What started as a tiny, one-man garage operation has grown into a multi-million dollar brand. This year, Knockaround is on pace to do 8 figures in revenue.

Knockaround has been featured in a number of well-known media outlets, including The Today Show, US Weekly, and Complex Magazine. Jim Moore, Creative Director of GQ, called Knockaround “our new favorite brand” in the July 2014 issue of the magazine. Check out some of Knockaround's press mentions here.

These days, a growing number of celebrities— Snoop Dogg, Natalie Portman, Matthew McConaughey, Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Alba, John Legend, John Mayer, John McCain, John Brocktington (woah that's a lot of Johns), to name a few— are being spotted in Knockaround Sunglasses. Check out photos of these celebrities rocking Knockarounds here.

Merging the classic East Coast prep style of his Virginia upbringing, his interest in design and fashion, and a love for the perpetually sunny, laid-back lifestyle of Southern California, Moyer has created a sunglasses line that is simultaneously practical and stylish.